LAZY BAOBAB’S first feature length film AGAIN,THE NIGHT follows a day in the life of six immigrants living in Brooklyn, NY, each struggling with a need to connect with their roots and determine their own meaning.

Dani searches for what home means to a first generation American, and wonders how his definition will differ from that of the baby he and his wife are expecting.

Through his work as a journalist, we are introduced to a cross-section of diverse Brooklynites, each of whom struggle with the realities of being an immigrant in New York City, while searching for their own sense of identity and belonging. 

This film is presently in pre-production and is written by our very own Sara Gozalo!  She will also direct the film and play one of the leads!  We hope to begin shooting in the fall of 2014.  Stay tuned for updates!

Feel free to take a look at our tumblr for some visual clues in the meantime…