Who we are/Quienes somos

LAZY BAOBAB produces movies and projects that celebrate diversity, empower women and bring to life stories that may otherwise not have an outlet.


SARA GOZALO (Director/Writer/Actor) is originally from Spain.  Sara earned a PhD in immunology from UMass and went on to do a post-doc at UCSF.  Two years later, making a life-changing decision, she moved to NYC where she earned an MFA from The New School for Drama.  She has worked with directors such as Jose Rivera, Pippin Parker and Josh Fox.  She is a founding member of Lazy Baobab and recently wrote and produced the short film, A Wedding Day, based on one of the stories in her feature film Again, the Night with much festival success.


DANA MAZZENGA (Producer/Actor) was born and raised outside of Philadelphia, and MFA’d and braved in NYC.  Dana has been doing the entertainment business dance as far back as she can remember.  From writing and directing shows in the neighbor’s driveway, to professionally acting on stage and screen as an adult, she is happiest in the Land of Story-Telling.  A proud member of LAZY BAOBAB, Dana is thrilled to be a part of a production company that encourages women to play all sorts of roles, while wearing various “hats”.  www.danamazzenga.com


SHAUNA SORENSEN (Director of Communications) is from Syracuse, the moved to NYC, and now resides in Brooklyn where she is completing her MA in Art History at CUNY Hunter College.  She is an artist whose work addresses the depiction of history and one’s personal experience with it.  She currently works as a grant writer at Open Source Gallery, a Brooklyn arts organization that focuses on socially engaged work and accessibility.


NICK GRETO (Music Supervisor/Producer) is a Philly suburbs native whose first love laid with making and writing about music.  Now an official New Yorker, Nick works in advertising for an NYC based tech firm by day, but by night is always cultivating his continued enthusiasm for music and good storytelling.  As the founder of MusicologyNYC, and a co-founder of Bleek Records, Nick was (and still is) an avid contributor on various music and pop culture trend blogs.  He is delighted to now join his first love with his newest passion: filmmaking.  He is also a budding photographer and his work has been featured on likes of street-wear fashion sites, including Fashionbeans.com.


FELIPE VARA DE REY (Cinematographer) from Madrid, Spain is a writer, director and cinematographer.  After graduating in 2002 with a degree in Political Science, he worked for five years doing social research in Madrid before turning toward filmmaking.  Felipe has a degree in cinematography from Madrid’s Film Institute, and is a Fulbright Scholar pursuing his MFA in Filmmaking from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.


SHAWN SNYDER (Production Designer) is the by-product of a Suburban South Florida upbringing.  After receiving his BA in Religion from Harvard, he spent most of hi twenties on the road as a gypsy singer/songwriter.  The last few years have seen a return to Shawn’s longstanding and deep-rooted passion for filmmaking.  He is currently continuing his education as a student at NYU’s Graduate Film Program, where he’s discovered a predictable penchant for sound recording, alongside an unexpected one for production design.  Since beginning his journey in design, he’s recreated the likes of Rustic Dog Fighting Dens in rural New Jersey in addition to Greek Austerity Riots and Athenian Hospital Wards in New York City.